Anti heroin implant

antiheroin-blockerAnti heroin implant is an opioid receptor antagonist that blocks the effect of heroin (and other opiates) in the brain which is why is also called “heroin blocker”. When anti heroin implant is placed, an addict is unable to reach euphoria, or so called “high” from using heroin which is the main reason why it is considered the most effective tool against relapse in heroin addiction treatments.

International clinic

globes-022Our drug abuse and addiction treatment program has been successful in the field of addiction medicine for more than 16 years. We have vast experience of successful recovery from all kind of addiction with thousands of people from all over the world. Our clinic is firmly committed to principles of treatment  that allowed it to reach the highest rate of success  and obtain the  position  of one of the best drug addiction rehab in  the world.

Heroin blocker implant procedure

anti-heroin-blocker-procedureBlocker implant procedure is a four-step, five-minute procedure:


1. Administration of local anesthetic

2. Making a small surgical incision

3. Naltrexone implantation

4. Stitching

See our procedure video

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Our clinic is fully equipped with modern medical equipment. Special education sessions, psychological tests and recreational exercises are conducted by our psychotherapists and psychologists. Guided tours, sightseeings, picnics  and other activities can be provided on daily basis.

Our psychologists can organize family therapy, aimed establishing  the new relationships within the family, the formation of mutual understanding.

Anti Heroin implant Clinic

Anti Heroin implant Clinic

Patients and staff safety is guaranteed by guards and security agency. The patients are accommodated in comfortable 2 and 3 bedroom wards. Each ward has a bathroom, shower, wardrobe, TV set, bed tables. All rooms are cleaned twice a day.
Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner + fruits and juices / tea. Food is cooked at clinic’s kitchen. The patient’s wishes, food preferences, therapeutic diets, religious eating habits are taken into account.
We also offer our help in obtaining Serbian visa for those foreign patients who need it.


Our staff will greet you at the airport, and transfer you to our Clinic. After your treatment, we will drive you back to the airport.

Our European clinic is located in peaceful suburbs of Belgrade – capital and the largest city of Serbia visited by more than 500.000 foreign tourists every year. It is as far as a few hour flight from any part of Europe.


Belgrade is the oldest and largest cities in South-eastern Europe with rich cultural and artistic heritage.Foreigners would say that Belgraders are true hedonists full of life, very hospitable and friendly people that will provide a unforgettable experience in a good atmosphere and excellent cuisine.


belgrade-heroin-blocker-implant copy


1.) Check your available flight details.


2.) Buy a ticket and send us a copy to book your place for implamantation at the clinic.



If you have any questions, please fill free to call us (or send a message, and we will call you) and our consultant will help you.

+381 63  24 7777

I was put in heroin blocker  implant every three months. Now, after a year I am clean, I go to work. I live in London and my life is different. I don’t take drugs any more, and I don’t think about them any more. So actually it helped me and it worked.

Patient from UK Patient from UK