International clinic

globes-022Our drug abuse and addiction treatment program has been successful in the field of addiction medicine for more than 16 years. We have vast experience of successful recovery from all kind of addiction with thousands of people from all over the world. Our clinic is firmly committed to principles of treatment  that allowed it to reach the highest rate of success  and obtain the  position  of one of the best drug addiction rehab in  the world.

Besides anti heroin implant blocker, addiction experts at our clinic succesfuly perform:

– rapid and painless detox, anti-heroin-implant-clinic-treatments

– neurometabolic therapies

– anti craving therapies

– educational therapies

– psychotherapies

and many other therapies that complete succesful addiction treatment.

Our patients describe their experience as quite pleasant considering the circumstances. They all emphases the care of our staff (doctors, psychologists, nurses, security and cleaning personal, even the kitchen staff).